Count me in

Call for entries:

The First Festival of Visual Arts

“Count me in……”



Theme: Blood Donation

Painting, Cartoon, illustration

Art Secretary: Dr. Nazli Servatian

Executive Secretary: Mr. Hossein Dezfouli


Regular blood donation

Blood donation during disasters

Give safe blood, Give life

Sport, Self-care & regular blood donation

Attentive youth & oriented blood donation


Method, technique and number of works:

The festival accepts the paintings, illustration and cartoons that were created independently;

Each artist can participate in all three types of arts and send up to three works;

The largest side of the paintings should not exceed 120 cm and the shortest side should be at least 50 cm.

The largest side of the cartoons and illustration should be at maximum 70 cm and the shortest side at least 30 cm.


Method for submission and selection of the works:

The registration shall be done through email through

In addition to their works, the applicants are requested to send the files describing their ideas;

A board of jury will evaluate the works and select the winners;

A certificate of participation will be awarded to all applicants;

Terms of conditions and regulations:

The applicants should be at least fifteen years old;

The Festival’s Secretariat shall have the right to utilize the works in printed and information media, cultural advertisement and exhibition in Iran and abroad subject to mentioning the name of the artist;

Shipment, transportation and execution of the works at the exhibition are the responsibility of the artist;

Festival Calendar:

Deadline for submission of works: 11 July, 2017

Final selection of the works: 16 July, 2017

Festival’s dates: 31 July- 7 August 2017 (National Blood Transfusion Week)


Address & contact of the Festival’s Permanent Secretariat:

Tehran Blood Transfusion Center

Tel: 0098 21 88601546

Fax: 0098 21 88601545


Web site: