Mission & Vision

Vision, Mission, Values and Responsibilities

IBTO is a centrally coordinated and managed blood transfusion service which 100% of its blood establishments are community-based. IBTO is managed administratively by Iranian government.


Our vision is to be a prominent internationally recognized organization, focused on improving health through advance science and practice of transfusion medicine.


Our mission is to supply sufficient and safe blood and its components, in order to maintain and promote healthy lifestyle.


  • Obedience by laws, regulations and social values;
  • Committed to provide a dynamic and reputable work environment for our staff;
  • Maximizing our efforts to provide safe blood and blood components for all in need;


  • Modifying the standards of blood collection, screening, fractionation, storage and delivery of blood and blood components, based on WHO recommendations and scientific evidences.
  • Recruiting, maintaining and support voluntary donors through educational and non-commercial promotional activities;
  • Developing a blood supply network and blood collection centers across the country;
  • Promoting national self-sufficiency in blood and plasma derivatives;
  • Conducting necessary high-qualified tests on donors and donated blood to ensure blood safety;
  • Preparing blood components and delivering blood and its components to authorized health centers based on their requests;
  • Holding training programs for health professionals involved in administration of blood and blood components;
  • Applying the best to preserve the dignity and safety of blood donors; and
  • Observing standards to dispose waste material.