High Council

The High Council of IBTO consists of professionals in blood transfusion science. Managing Director of IBTO is selected by the High Council.

The High Council of IBTO is the main policy maker in organizational chart, which is chaired by the Minister of Health (MOH).

Current members of high council who are appointed by Iranian Minister of Health:

  1. Dr. Ali Akbar Pourfathollah, IBTO Managing Director
  2. Dr. Gloramreza Asghari (Head of the Food & Drug Administration)
  3. Dr. Ghasem Janbabaei (Deputy Minister of Health for Treatment)
  4. Dr. Abbas HajFathali (Professor of Hematology at Shahid Beheshti Medical University)
  5. Dr. Behzad Poupak (Associate Professor of Islamic Azad University)
  6. Dr. Bashir Hajibeigi (Secretary of High Council)