Institute for Research and Education on Transfusion Medicine (IRETM)
IRETM was established in 2008. The most important goals IRETM pursues through its research and education activities are to make all the staff involved in technical affairs in all blood centers across the country informed on the most recent improvements and scientific developments in the fields of transfusion medicine and transfusion sciences. IRETM tries to raise the knowledge of specialists, physicians, and allied health staff about these sciences, pave the necessary ground for base and applied research relevant to the causes of Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization (IBTO) to be conducted, and make the suitable atmosphere for participation of IBTO staff in outstanding international and national scientific congresses. The most important education-oriented efforts in IRETM are the focus on recruiting and training MSc and PhD level students in the discipline of Hematology and Blood Banking and MSc in Biotechnology. IRETM benefits the contribution of 37 full time faculty members formed within scientific groups of Immunohematology, Hematology, Immunology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biologic Products, and Pathology. So far, more than 408 research projects have been approved and conducted by Research Department of IRETM; a wide range of faculty members and IBTO experts and staff have been actively participating in the projects. Add to it, the publication of 35 specialty books and publication of about 500 articles in scientific journals (ISI- and PubMed-indexed). 
Education Department of IRETM has also played an active role in establishment of training courses including educational target-oriented programs, workshops, and scientific-specialized seminars, preparation of scientific-specialized handouts, brochures and pamphlets aiming to upgrade the scientific and practical capabilities of IBTO staff at different levels, involvement in the educational programs of medical and allied health students including residents and fellows of universities of medical sciences in the fields of transfusion medicine and transfusion sciences, and most importantly doing all for MSc and PhD students.