Center for Innovation

Center for Innovation

The Centre for Innovation is located in the Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization (IBTO) in Teheran and it is under the supervision of the Deputy of Technical and Modern Technologies. This centre is set up as a complete miniature of a “transfusion chain” from vein to vein, with all the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and equipment used by IBTO and hospitals. It has the flexibility and consequently the ability to vary any part of any of the processes in a controlled test situation.

The main goals for establishing this centre are achieved by the following functions:

A training centre:

·         International: IBTO has been inaugurated as the WHO Collaborating Centre for Research & Training on Blood Safety. This centre has been designed to be an international training centre especially for those who work in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. 

·         National: The centre for innovation is a role model facility that shows all processes of blood transfusion from vein to vein. This centre is a training facility for different groups: the blood services employees in different departments as well as blood bank employees, nurses, midwifes and doctors in hospitals. This centre provides an excellent training facility for trainees without involving our procedures which provide blood components for patients.

Validation of new products, processes and instrumentation

·         Conducting projects with new material or equipment which are not currently permitted for use in IBTO.

·         Every new device before implementation in our blood services should be tested and validated in this centre before providing for our blood centres.

·         Establishing new methods and procedures.  The new methods can be applied in the centre, without affecting our clinical blood product supply.

Donor satisfaction and providing blood for research purposes

·         Preparing all blood products for Research upon the requests.

·         Recruiting the blood donors who are deferred from donation due to minor problems, such as tattoos and false positive results as currently detected in our clinical blood testing protocols. The additional opportunity to donate is appreciated by potential donors.

A bridge between blood services and the recipients

·         Blood recipients can arrange a time and visit to our centre. This gives us an opportunity to hear their opinions.

 Creativity, Development and Innovation:

·         Researchers, institutions or companies interested in developing new products, processes or technology for the transfusion medicine community are encouraged to contact this centre.

·         This centre provides an environment for innovators and scientists to bring their novel ideas to be evaluated and be enhanced. Research and Development on transfusion medicine which is not possible to be carried out in other departments of IBTO due to our strict rules on blood safety can be performed in the centre because of its flexible environment and high technology equipment.