Reference and Clinical Laboratories

IBTO Reference and Clinical Laboratories

IBTO Reference and Clinical Laboratories were founded along with IBTO at 1974. This lab center mainly serves in three closely related sections:

A: Reference Laboratories:

Reference laboratories run in four major lab departments as follows:

 1. Immunohematology national reference laboratory with the following major activities:

  • Introduction and performance of molecular biology techniques in immunohematology testing.
  • Performing highly specific pre-transfusion tests.
  • Production of antibody screen and antibody identification panel for IBTO affiliated blood centers and hospitals throughout the country.
  • Providing high standard ISBT matched training courses in blood banking for IBTO and provincial blood collection centers staff, hospital blood bank employees and blood bank personnel of 12 EMRO countries.
  • Collection and storage of frozen rare blood units.
  • Organizing and running a national registration network for rare blood donors.        
  • Membership of ISBT rare blood donor working party since 2010.

2. Coagulation reference laboratory, which performs almost all coagulation factor assays and coagulation screening tests as well as tests related to platelets dysfunction and thrombophilia. This lab is also a participant of reputable EQAS-WHO program for quality control and assessment of its activities.

3. Reference laboratory of Transfusion Transmitted Infections (TTI), which performs screening and confirmatory tests for detection and diagnosis of TTI including: HBV, HCV, HIV, HTLV1, 2 and other hepatotropic viruses, employing the most precise up to date techniques and procedures.

5. Histocompatibility and Transplantation reference laboratory, which conducts HLA typing on HLA A,B,DR and C,DQ classes by means of low and further high resolution techniques of SSO and SSP. This is of aid in finding the most compatible HLA matches for cord blood and stem cell recipients.

B: Training center for post graduate students of high institute for research and education in transfusion medicine including MS and PhD students of high institute, Pathology residents and subspecialist fellows of Hematology, oncology from all medical universities in Tehran.

C: Providing main research resources for faculty members of high institute.

Additional activities:

  • Performing routine laboratory tests.
  • Close cooperation with deputy of quality control and quality assurance for further increase in blood safety by means of conducting extra requested tests on look back and call back samples for donated bloods, evaluation of leuko reduced blood units, and cooperation in the plasma dispatching program of IBTO.

Certificates and awards:

  • Medical labs of IBTO are one of the first lab centers in Iran being certified and registered for ISO 9001 since 2003 with its latest version ISO 9001-2008 being certified at 2010.