International Affairs Department

International Affairs

International Affairs Department of Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization (IBTO) was established in 2006 with two main missions:

  • Promoting technical and scientific capabilities of the organization through developing professional communications and co-operations with similar institution in other countries as well as relevant international organizations in bilateral, regional and international levels;
  • Providing technical and consulting assistance to other countries;

Currently international affair with cooperation of other deputies and High Institute for Research and Education in Transfusion Medicine is capable to provide following services to other countries:

Technical & Educational Assistance:

1. Holding short-term training courses and workshops on "Blood Donor Recruitment," "Quality Control & Quality assurance," "Establishing External Quality Assessment System," "Blood Banking & Transfusion Practices" at expert level;

  • 14 international workshops have been held for almost 140 international experts from different parts of the world including Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR), Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) and neighboring countries;
  • IBTO with the support of WHO developed a plan for establishment of external quality assessment scheme and quality assurance system for Sudanese National Blood Service;   

2. Holding international scientific conferences & seminars

  • Five international conferences with participation of over 50 international experts and scientists from all over the world have been organized;

3. Providing technical assistance;

  • IBTO with support of WHO has provided high quality technical advice and support to Afghanistan Blood Service;

4. Planning & implementing joint research projects;

  • IBTO with support of ECO has established “ECO Blood Safety Network”; the aim of this project was to enable each country to assess its own situation and monitor its progress in relation to other countries and to identify gaps and develop strategies for improving blood safety in the region. More information about this network is available through

Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation:

1. Providing humanitarian aids during disasters and crises;

  • IBTO in cooperation with WHO provided 2000 pediatric blood bags to Somalia during the famine;

2. Specific areas of bilateral cooperation in the framework of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

  • Eight MOUs were signed between IBTO and France, Venezuela, Sudan, Turkey, Iraq, Indonesia, Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine (AATM), WHO Collaborating Center of Reference Laboratories; following to these agreements:
    • two scientific seminars were held in Iran with the cooperation of French Blood Service,
    • Thirty Iranian experts were trained in France
    • EQAS project was performed for Sudanese experts
    • Quality assurance system was established in Sudan
    • Two training workshops have been organized for 16 Iraqi experts
    • EQAS samples were sent to five countries

3. Facilitating expertise visits at different levels ( ministers, deputies and experts);

  • More than 180 experts and authorities from different countries have visited IBTO since 2006.

4. Collaboration with international organizations

  • Collaboration with WHO, International Society of Blood Transfusion(ISBT), ECO, International Plasma Fractionation Association (IPFA), Plasma Protein Therapeutic Association (PPTA) and AATM in the framework of holding joint research projects and scientific conferences;

5. Constant relations with foreign and Iranian experts and scientist living in other countries and establishing IBTO Worldwide Professional Affiliates to provide an active network for exchange of information and related collaboration.