Plasma Fractionation

Plasma Fractionation

Plasma derived products, including clotting factor VIII, factor IX, albumin and Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) are among lifesaving medicines and their availability is essential for treating patients in need of such medicines.

In 2005, IBTO entered into a contract with Iran Blood Research and Fractionation Co (IBRC) for contract fractionation of the surplus plasma (40,000 liters at that time). With increasing quality assurance and quality systems, 149,469 liters plasma was sent for fractionation to Europe in 2012. The process of getting approval for the plasma to be fractionated in Europe has also improved the quality and safety of blood components for transfusion.

In addition, this program was estimated to save almost 8.5 million Euros in 2011 to Iranian health sector. The creation of competition in the marketplace, achieving the real price and the quality promotion of the blood transfusion centers could also be considered as other advantages of this program.

Since 2011, five main blood centers in Iran have started to recruit blood donors to produce hyperimmune anti rabies plasma and till now more than 7000 liters of this kind of plasma has been produced.

40% of albumin, 100 % of IVIG, 100 % of FIX and 15 % of FVIII demands are met through voluntary non remunerated blood donation

Almost 120 million of FVIII plasma concentrations are imported to Iran annually. Given the fact that almost 150 IU is yielded from 1 liter plasma according to present plasma fractionation contract, Iran has to produce nearly 800,000 liters of plasma to become relatively self-sufficient. Today only 250,000 liters of plasma are produced in Iran; of which 150,000 are recovered plasma produced by IBTO and the remaining are collected by private plasmapheresis sectors constantly monitored by the Iranian FDA and IBTO. IBTO aims to increase this rate up to 600,000 liters by 2018. So far, IBTO has been able to increase the volume of the fractionated plasma to about 100,000 liters per year.