Haemovigilance System

Iranian Blood transfusion organization has implemented a mandatory haemovigilance system to monitor Adverse Transfusion Events (ATEs) since 2009.

The scope of Iranian Haemovigilance System (IHS) encompasses all blood components issued by blood transfusion centers, all adverse reactions and all hospitals (public and private hospitals).    

After preparing the standard forms, slides, different guidelines and SOPs, all health care staff including nurses and doctors as well as the staff of hospital blood banks have been trained to identify and manage all adverse reactions of blood transfusion. From January 2009 to 2016, this system was established in 612 (73%) hospitals (from 863 hospitals across the country). Hospitals use uniform forms for blood requests; monitor patients during blood administration and report all adverse reactions.

We aimed to gather and analyze transfusion reactions to help prevent their occurrence and/or reoccurrence.