Cord Blood Bank

Iranian National Cord Blood Bank

Iranian National Cord Blood Bank was established in May 2010. It is a public blood bank with the mission of providing stem cells for patients.

Cord blood is collected according to ethical, scientific, and legal standards, after getting the consent of mother. Then, it is sent to the cord blood bank at IBTO headquarters. In cord blood bank, several tests are performed including determination of number and identity of the stem cells within the sample, as well as testing for viral and bacterial diseases in mother and cord blood.

The process leads to separation of the nucleated cells and determination of HLA type is. The HLA type is registered in the HLA registry. The stem cells are mixed with appropriate preservatives and then stored in nitrogen tanks at -190 °C.

The national cord blood bank stores stem cells and offers them to any patient in need; They are not stored for private purposes. Once, a physician makes a request, a HLA-matched cord blood is selected and forwarded to the transplant center.

The center is expected to join with other cord blood banks around the world to build a strong network and inventory of high-quality cord blood units available for any patient who needs a transplant.